Long way back home

Every six months, Mr. X packs his luggage, says goodbye to his home and heads to his home in Pakistan to visit his dad and live with him for the next three months. He has been traveling this way ever since his mother suddenly passed away from a stroke, leaving a hole in his family so deep it can still be felt up to this day. Mr. X also has two brothers who live across the U.S. Every three months, one makes sure to go back to Pakistan to be a company for their dad. This time, it was Mr. X’s turn.

To him, home was everything. Nothing could even compare to the feeling of seeing his father, eating homemade food and spend time relaxing — away from the work life cycle which consumes all his energy and makes the most out of his life in America. To travel as often as he does, Mr. X has no days off. He works a full hour shift, with a break only to use the restroom and take a quick bite, before he heads home and wakes up the next day to start a new cycle. He saves money to pay the airfare and any costs he might have while away. After all, he still has bills and expenses to pay — even if he’s not around. Life is challenging, but he persists each and every day to make sure he stays close to family and he continues to fight for his goals in the foreign land.